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Mohammad Hani Al Bakri [ Chairman of the Board ]
Sheikh Mohammad Hani Al Bakri is the Vice President of Finance & Investment in A. K. Bakri & Sons Holding Company. A. K Bakri & Sons Holding Company is a family owned business that has successfully been in the market for the past 40 years with activities focused on the diversified tanker business, derived from the transportation of crude oil, clean petroleum products and liquid chemicals. The line of duties and experience at A. K Bakri & Sons Holding Company has been in both private and governmental participation. Sheikh Hani has over 30 years of experience in Technical Supervision, Financial & Administration Management.

Sheikh Hani holds a Diploma from Pakistan Nuclear Commission followed by a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering and a Diploma of Nuclear Engineering from King Abdulaziz University. He held the position of Lecturer at the university in the Faculty of Engineering.

Sheikh Hani has been a board member of Seera Investment Bank, Bahrain, since its establishment in 2006 and was nominated for a second 3-year period starting in 2010. This provides insight into his extended work relations with high net worth individuals as well as financial institutions in the GCC. He is also a board member of the Card Company and Chairman of Allied Cooperative Insurance Group, both located in Bahrain. Moreover, Sheikh Hani continues to be a Member of the Board of North of England Protection & Indemnity Association in the UK and a Member of the Technical Committee of the Classification Society Bureau Veritas, both of which are important institutions in the shipping insurance sector.

Dr. Zohair Al Bakri [ Board Member ]
Sheikh Zohair Al Bakri is Partner & Vice President of A. K. Bakri & Sons Holding in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. A. K. Bakri & Sons have been in business for over 40 years in various activities such as the Energy Sector, the Marine Sector and the Investment and Services Sector. The company is known to be the most reliable supplier of high quality oil, gas fuel, diesel and other related petroleum products for distribution, transportation and offshore operations. Aside from leading a successful family business, Sheikh Zohair also leads as Director at Alkhomasia Establishment which is a subsidiary of Bakri Group established in 1973 as a maintenance and shipping company to provide support for the shipping needs of Bakri Group of Companies. Sheikh Zohair is an Executive Member at Al-Fatah Water & Power International and is President of Diners Club International, Jeddah, the world's most experienced card company with a global network that spans over 200 countries.

Sheikh Zohair is from Madinah Al Munawarah. He is also a board member in the following entities: Red Sea Marine Services and Nile Al Bakri Aviation amongst others.

Dr. Raed M. Sarhan [ Board Member ]
Prior to setting up Azalea, Dr. Sarhan set up Adenium Energy Capital in October 2010 and was instrumental in the completing their first ever transaction for the purchase of 7 solar power plants. Dr. Sarhan continues to be a shareholder in Adenium Energy Capital. Prior to that, Dr. Sarhan worked for Seera Investment Bank in Manama, Bahrain, as the Chief Investment Officer. Heading the Investment Group, Dr. Sarhan was involved in the sourcing and filtering of transactions, and the full due diligence process, as well as setting up the entire bank’s investment process, policies and procedures. Previously, Dr. Sarhan became an experienced Middle East banker after working at the Gulf International Bank (“GIB”) between 1995 and 2006 as Head of Project Finance. There, he acquired solid structuring skills in equity and financing products from a Sharia and conventional perspective, and has developed strong relationships with local GCC family-owned businesses, Islamic and conventional banks, Sharia scholars, international legal firms, consultants, private equity houses, sovereign wealth funds, GCC-government owned oil companies and the like.

Besides his personal shareholding in Adenium Energy Capital, Dr. Sarhan is also a shareholder in Europium Holding, a company set up in Dubai to invest in European companies. Dr. Sarhan is also a shareholder of NxtGrid set up in the UK. Dr. Sarhan holds a Ph.D. in international trade. He is a well-known speaker at various conferences and forums including project finance, shipping, aviation and private equity seminars.

Your team gave us lots of creative ideas to consider, in addition to some good, practical advice about exhibit planning, and an overall "out of the box" approach...
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