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Prior to setting up Azalea, Dr. Sarhan was head of Project Finance at Gulf International Bank (between 1995 and 2006). In 2006, he was part of the management team that set up Seera Investment Bank with a paid up capital of US$291MM. He continued in Seera up to 2010 where he was the Chief Investment Officer.

In October 2010, Dr. Sarhan set up Adenium Energy Capital, along with the Bakri Group and other high profile investors. Adenium focuses on investments in the renewable energy sector. It lately purchased 7 solar power plants in Italy through a joint venture with large European institutions. Dr. Sarhan continues to be a shareholder in Adenium.

Mr. Sarhan has a total of 22 years of banking experience in Bahrain. He was part of several reputable financial institutions such as National Bank of Bahrain & Arab Financial Services. Under the RealCapita umbrella he was head of placements, which provided Nader with unique placement and business relations experience.

Your team gave us lots of creative ideas to consider, in addition to some good, practical advice about exhibit planning, and an overall "out of the box" approach...
Qais Al Maskati